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We are living in an age where technology is in many ways making our lives simpler and that is our specialty. We offer products and services that help you manage your home more efficiently, freeing your time to do more important things like relaxing with your family after a long day at work.
• Geo Fencing, True Logical Home Automation
Remote Access & Control of Your Home’s Systems
Remote Control Consolidation (Integration) Touch Screens
Put all Media in one Place (cd’s, dvd’s, photo’s)
Smart, Energy Saving Environmental Control Systems
Leak Detection, Temperature, and Flooding Prevention
• Automatic home or away alerts to Problems
• Lowering Your Homeowners Insurance
• Peace of Mind

Remote Access

Remote access via a computer or smart phone to your home’s alarm, security, surveillance, lighting, home appliances and HVAC controls.

Remote Control Consolidation

Remove clutter and confusion by consolidating all controls into one device. Lighting, shades, temperature, alarms, t.v., stereo/surround sound and all other entertainment media come together organized in an easy to use icon based system.

Media Consolidation

Got lots of digital media like cd’s, dvd’s, music, files, and photos scattered about the house? Put them all in one place with a Network Attach Storage media server. Your new media server’s vast entertainment library can save time and money. Keep your memories from being lost or damaged, download them once and keep them safe. Consolidating all your media means you merely pull up the movie or song of your choice within seconds. We also provide easy access to online media services. Access everything from your computer, cell phone or tablet.

Comfort Control

Our comfort environmental controls will save money and conserve energy. We program our environmental controls to fit your active lifestyle. They can function automatically to lower or raise the temperature when you are home or away at work. They can also be placed in vacation mode when you’re away for extended periods to keep your home safe from freezing, yet conserving energy cost by lowering temperatures. As mentioned earlier, remote access from the office or if you are away on vacation, will allow you to check your home’s temperature as well as conveniently change from virtually anywhere.

Leak Detection and Home Alerts

Our Moisture Sensing and Response products will detect a leak, and shut off the water main to prevent flood damage and then send you smart phone an alert you with the location of the leak so you can respond appropriately.

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