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LV & Electrical Services 

Commercial & Residential Electrical Services

Freedom ElecTech is an unlimited licensed electrical contractor staffed to serve both residential and commercial clientele. Freedom ElecTech is committed to continuing education for our staff and labor force to provide a firm knowledge base of the latest materials, practices and electrical codes; allowing us to provide our clients with effective, cost-saving solutions. ​

  • Fully staffed to serve both residential and commercial clientele with projects of any size or scope.

  • Repairs

  • Service Calls

  • Commitment to educate our staff and labor force to provide cutting edge service.

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Surveillance Camera

Security & Cameras

Freedom ElecTech maintains a dedicated staff for our Low Voltage customers offering solutions for security systems with intrusion detection, remote monitoring, access control, fire detection and surveillance cameras in both residential and commercial settings. The Low Voltage team can design and implement security concepts that fit your unique needs and budget. 

  • Security Systems

  • Intrusion Detection

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Access Control

  • Fire Detection

  • Camera Surveillance

  • Professional 24/7 monitoring programs that will respond. Keeping you safe and providing peace of mind.



Residential and commercial automation can simplify how your family and customers interact with your home or business as well as provide cost saving solutions by lowering energy consumption and help save on insurance premiums. The Low Voltage Staff at Freedom ElecTech can provide design services, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance for your automation system. ​

  • Network & WiFi Distribution

  • HVAC Systems

  • Lighting Systems

  • Distributed Audio/Video

  • CCTV Cameras

  • All Controlled from your wireless device.

Using a Touch Phone
AV Systems
Using Laptop at Home

AV Systems

The Low Voltage team has a vast knowledge base to guide you through designing a new A/V System to suit your needs at an affordable price. From start to finish, we can bring your space to life with seamless integration.

  • Room equalization and acoustic treatments for the best audio results.

  • Wireless control from your IPad, smart phone or remote control.

  • The best brands of Home Theater Surround sound receivers.

  • Subwoofer enclosures, Audio/Video Rack Systems, TV lift cabinetry.

  • Custom engineered and built audio speaker designs to match any décor.

  • Custom built wireless Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cd and turntable stereo consoles.

  • Digital in-wall audio/video fully integrated control stations.


Vintage Audio

Freedom Electech offers retail selections of the finest antique and state-of-the-art audio and home entertainment equipment available. 


  • State-of-the-art entertainment systems

  • Restored and Refurbished Vintage Audio

  • Vacuum Tube & Hybrid Amplifiers

  • Custom engineered audio speaker designs

  • Fully integrated control stations

  • Exclusive patented Ultra High Definition audio technology.


We provide the highest standard in audio and entertainment products, plus the service to go with it.

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